Sunday soundbites: I-can-haz-warm-sunshine? edition

Nature reports that one third of grants are rejected for random reasons. Only one third?

The Edge asks "what scientific concept would improve everybody's cognitive toolkit?" Lots of great answers here.

Also in Nature, structured procrastination for the postdoctoral researcher.

Henry Greely has an essay on the ethical ramifications of fetal genotyping from maternal blood samples.

The Royal Society has a nice collection of papers on neuroethics.

Mind Hacks discusses the history of IBM's "Watson" AI project.

The New York Times asks whether consumers should pay their cell phone company to turn off their phones while in a car.

Targeted advertising run amok: Freakonomics blog reports on the use of facial scans to predict what you want to eat!

Neuroskeptic has an excellent post on incidental findings in fMRI research.