Sunday Soundbites: Happy New Year!

Is peer review better than chance? A new study says "maybe not".

Who is more likely to be prescribed a cognitive enhancer, me or my father? A new study in PLoS says it's Dad.

Confused about what is and is not a mental disorder according to the DSM-V? So are most experts, says NPR.

This is the smartest thing I've read about "neurobabble" all week.

The ever-excellent Dan Ariely has a post about money and cognitive heuristics.

Bora Zivkovic has an excellent article on the history of scientific discourse, and the links between scientific and journalistic writing.

Can Google's new Ngram toy show which science is fad and which is legit? Big Think says yes. I'm not so sure, but they have cool graphs.

People who believe in free will have better job performance, reviewed by Barking up the Wrong Tree.