Sunday soundbites: Rocky Mountain High edition

Not neuro-related, but terrifying: 5% of Boston high school students report carrying guns to school, and think that more people carry guns than actually do.

Nature recognizes the role (they don't seem sure what kind, though) of blogs in scientific discourse.

The New York Times has a nice review of Antonio Damasio's new book The Self Comes to Mind.

Psychology Today has a top ten psychology studies of the year article.

In the spirit of top tens, ScienceNow also has a top ten stories of the year.

Nate Silver of the enviably-fantastic Five Thirty Eight, and himself an orthodox Bayesian, gives a Bayesian take on WikiLeaks' Jullian Assange.

Taking advantage of the open scanner hours now that people are leaving for winter break? Neuroskeptic has the prayer for you.

105 Major League Baseball players have theraputic exemptions for ADHD drugs.

Accelerometers on smart phones used to train prosthetic limbs.

Barking up the Wrong Tree presents an article showing that the Flynn effect (the phenomenon of population IQs rising over time) makes it difficult to have an objective standard for retardation when it comes to capital punishment cases.