Sunday soundbites

The Neuroskeptic has the 9 circles of academic hell.

Speaking of academic hell, it looks like the 2011-2012 science funding prospects are very slim, especially with the latest tea-party-style Republicans.

Also, the Neuroskeptic has an excellent post on the rise of fMRI research with 7-Tesla magnets. Now, we  have more power to detect artifacts!

NPR wonders why people can't walk straight. Apparently, the problem isn't limited to post-alcohol consumption walking.

"Your brain has more connections than every computer on Earth combined" claims Gizmodo.

Over at Science is a review of a paper claiming that these connections are the latest reason that human brains are "special".

Does early exposure to pornography turn people into porn addicts? Barking up the Wrong Tree reviews a new study saying "No".

Jonah Lehrer has a timely piece on overeating in the Wall Street Journal.

For the statistically obsessed, this will keep you busy for hours.