Sunday soundbites

In defense of perfectionism.

Over at Nature, Melanie Stefan argues that scientists should keep a CV of failures. You know, to keep perspective. The perspective of wanting to drink heavily at 10am?

On the other hand, Frank Furedi argues that civic-minded activities should be recognized as accomplishments on one's CV.

Freakonomics blog has a review of a new novel on romance and data mining. Sounds like my kind of book!

A great description of a very depressing study on the media's representation of female scientists.

Also in the category of gender inequality, the recommendation letters women receive might do more harm than good.

Excellent article on the "privatization of neuroscience" and the shift away from basic research.

OK. Now to solve your depression from the previous links.

OK. Enough feeling good. Big Pharma really is as evil as you think they are.