Sunday soundbites

Will my neurotic personality negatively affect my career? No, but my current academic salary will not decrease my neuroticism over time.

Is the university dead? We have no idea. In other depressing news, here's the state of tenure according to Nature.

Also in Nature are the results on one journal's experiment with making peer review transparent.... followed by some hand-wringing about its high rate of retractions.

The Simpson's take on grad students and PhDs.

The ability to imagine the future seems independent of the hippocampus.

An excellent review of the (in)famous Little Albert experiment over at The History of Psychology.

More good history: Bering in Mind has a great article on the history of obesity.

The great Facebook Oracle of data mining can predict when romantic breakup are most likely to happen.

Vogue-it til you make it: power posing your way to success.